Our Goals Are Simple:

1. Provide the best community Web sites in the world to our customers.
2. Make our site easier to use than any other Web solution available.
3. Turn managing a community Web site into an opportunity to connect with other people, rather than a tedious chore.
4. Turn community and civic group Web sites into community fund raisers that contribute money toward community activities.
5. Provide kid safe and family friendly sites that our youth can use safely so that parents don't have to worry.

About Web Villages:

Our Staff is proud to have taken part in designing one of the first 100 Web sites in the world, back in 1991, and developed the first community Web site in early 1994, as part of the Blacksburg Electronic Village effort.

Every community should have a modern, professionally designed community site that really shows off the community to residents and visitors alike. After more than two years of development, our first sites were rolled out in the summer of 2007.

Web Villages Features

Web Villages provides the world's best community news and information Web sites. Our staff has been putting communities on the Web longer than anyone else in the world.

  • We are a free service. It costs you nothing to get a Web site portal for your community.
  • We provide as many Web sites as you need for local groups and organizations.
  • Our sites are simple to learn and simple to use--anyone can be posting items to the community calendar or sending out a newsletter in minutes--no technical expertise required.
  • Powerful features connect you to your friends and neighbors and to local news and events.
  • Our sites can be a fund raiser for both the community and for local groups.