Church Site

Church sites from Web Villages can give your church a valuable tool designed to reach people, share news, and maintain calendars.

Features on our church sites include:

  1. Online calendar with different categories so that different ministries and church groups can easily post and disseminate information.
  2. Blogs and Web pages for church youth; we provide the latest in blog technology, including RSS feeds, to help you attract young people to church activities with "modern" technology.
  3. Easy "zero HTML" data entry for all Web pages and information, so that busy church staff and volunteers can focus on church work and get church news and information out to members quickly and easily.
  4. Online church directory with controlled access so that only authorized church members can see and access church member information like phone numbers and addresses.
  5. Complete control over all your sensitive church information like membership data; we will never sell or redistribute your information.
  6. Online church bulletin with sponsorship activities for local businesses; our revenue sharing model turns your church Web site from an expense to a fund-raiser.