Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we get started?: Contact Us. We'll get your site set up quickly, once we get some basic information about your group or community?
  • What does it cost?: The sites are supported by local businesses who place ads on the community portal site and local community group sites. Normally, most groups pay nothing, and if you agree to provide a single small block for ads on your site, we share the ad revenue with you--making your site a fundraiser.
  • Do we have to sign a contract?:  We have a simple one year contract that explains what we provide and under what terms.
  • What if we don't want ads on our site?:  We do not require individual communitygroup Web sites to host advertising. If you prefer not to have ads on your site, you will not receive any ad revenue. The cluster of all sites in your community (typically the main community portal Web site and all the group sites must generate a minimum amount of revenue on an annual basis. If this minimum is not met by the end of the first year, we may not be able to continue this service in your community.
  • Why would we host our group with Web Villages?:  We provide professional server management in a state of the art server facility with 24/7 server monitoring and redundant connections to the Internet. We do not use part time or volunteer server administrators, who may not always be available to fix equipment and network failures. We provide you with a modern "No HTML" Web site that does not require a skilled "techie" to post routine group information and calendar items. Anyone with proper authorization can post items to the site quickly and easily without knowing any "Web stuff."