Village Square Community Portal

Our Village Square community portal site is our premier product and serves as the hub that ties all the other Web sites in the community together. Our sites truly function as an online "village square," serving as a clearinghouse for all the events, activities, and amenities in the community. Typically, traffic at all other community-related Web sites tends to go up once a town or region has an active and dynamic community portal. Local government, tourism, and Chamber of Commerce sites usually benefit from increased traffic and visibility.
Features on our community portal include:

  1. Family friendly and kid safe; no anonymous posting and complete control over who is allowed to post on the site.
  2. Online calendar with multiple categories and filters makes it easy to find what you are looking for, even with many community events occurring during a single month--no more hard to read and cluttered calendars.
  3. Online business directory showcases local businesses and has full text search engine features that make it easy to find what you are looking for.
  4. RSS news feeds for every category of information on the site publishes community activities in a standard format accessible from cellphones, newsreaders, and other specialized Web applications--we use standards-based systems that showcase your community. News feeds are rebuilt and distributed daily by the system--complete "hands off" news distribution.
  5. Multiple levels of control so that you can delegate access to features on the site (like the calendar) to trusted individuals.
  6. Complete local control of content; inappropriate postings from registered users can quickly and easily be deleted if needed.