K12 School Sites

We have been involved with K12 schools and technology since the Internet first became popular in 1994. We have extensive experience using technology in the classroom, and we know what teachers, parents, and students want and need. Our K12 school sites are perfect for better communication between parents and teachers, because it is fast and easy to post news about classroom and school activities. Our sites are "Zero HTML," meaning no has to learn any difficult page codes, struggle with uploading files, or spend hours just trying to put a few school events on the calendar page.
Our school sites are ideal for classroom and homework writing activities, because every child can have his or her own blog (Web page). Our kid safe sites protect the privacy of your community's children. Here is our pledge:
We will never sell or give away your children's information to a third party. Never.
For more information on our Privacy Policy, click here.
Features on our K12 school sites include:

  1. Complete userid and password protection for students and teachers--no anonymous posting. You will always know who posted what.
  2. Individual Web pages (blogs) for teachers.
  3. All pages on the site can be categorized by grade level, by subject, and by teacher. It is quick and easy for parents to find the right information.
  4. Teachers are busy, so our K12 Web sites are "zero HTML" for fast and easy posting of homework and classroom activities. Zero HTML also means it is easy to get kids involved in online writing and learning activities; teachers don't have to teach technology in English class.
  5. Our K12 sites are a great way to keep parents informed and engaged with school activities. The online calendar puts all school, club, and classroom events in a single place that makes it quick and easy for parents to see what is happening.
  6. Our revenue sharing approach lets you have local businesses sponsor the school Web site, turning it into a fund raiser for the school. And you have complete control over who advertises, so there will never be Victoria's Secret banner ads on your school site.