Sports Club Sites

Our sports group sites are designed with features that coaches and parents will love. Here at Web Villages, we have kids active in all kinds of sports, and we wanted a site that would make it quick and easy to find out what is going with our local sports groups and team leagues.
Features on our sports sites include:

  1. An easy to use online calendar that can filter and display events for individual teams, so parents and team members can quickly see what games are scheduled, when, and where.
  2. Private groups for coaches so news items meant only for coaches and managers is not visible to others.
  3. Easy to add news feeds for major league sports, university sports, and other sports groups--any news feed that supports RSS can be easily added to the site.
  4. "Zero HTML" means busy coaches can quickly and easily post information on the Web site without becoming a computer expert. If you can type with two fingers, you can post events, news, and Web pages on our sports Web sites.
  5. Sports groups with lots of teams will love how easy it is to update team names and leagues. Just a few minutes at the start of each season rebuilds all the team and league information with easy to use fill in the blank forms and one mouse click changes.
  6. Integrated mailing lists with one button subscribe/unsubscribe make it easy for parents to get on the right mailing list for their child's team, and relieves coaches and league leaders of the tedious work of updating mailing lists constantly.